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    Refrigerator Repair

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    Dryer Repair

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    Ice Maker/Machine Repair

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    Furnace Repair

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    Fast Appliance Repair Service in Malibu, CA

    People have been asking us for years how we can help them fix their appliances. The thing is that the best way to fix any good appliance is not to piece it together at home. Lets be honest. Many people want to save a few cents here and there. The problem is that by doing that, they end up doing more damage. This leads to that simple fix that we could have handled becoming more expensive and taking more time and parts to fix. When your applaince breaks down call Service Masters for appliance repair in Malibu, CA.

    Not everyone can be a service repair man or woman. They need to know that some times what seems like a small problem is really a big problem in disguise. Our service masters are well educated in knowing not only how to identify the problem, but we also train them to be experts in fixing the problem, the right way, the first time.

    Let’s face it. MacGuyver makes it look like some tinfoil and bubblegum can fix all of life’s problems. This makes most people think that using the same philosophy on fixing their home appliances will make the repair bill a lot cheaper. Truth be told, that stuff only happens on television. Many of our clients say, “Well I saw it done on Youtube.” Youtube may show you a fix, but the fix you see there is a good chance it is not going to work for your problem. Not all fixes work. Some only provide a temporary patch job, which in many cases that Youtube video you watched is not going to tell you that part.

    So, even if you do find a fix that works, you are going to have to hope it does not just break down in a couple of days from now. This is why we beg you to call us first. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that your fix is going to work the first time, and more so we want you to know that the fix is going to be something that lasts.

    Our experts are happy to answer any of your questions. Now, if you are reading this after having MacGuyvered your appliance and finding it did not work. Please let our representative know what the fix was that you did. This way the price we quote you reflects the work that we have to undo and try to fix further issues caused by that fix. We ask this of you, because we do not want you to be surprised when we tell you a different than quoted price after you had attempted and failed a fix you found online somewhere.

    So bottom line is that we hope you have learned that the most important thing anyone can learn when dealing with appliance repair is that some times it is better to call the expert, in the beginning, instead of saving a penny by attempting to fix it yourself. Otherwise you may find that your attempted fixed caused you to lose all of your cash or even the appliance, as a whole.

    Appliances We Service

    Washing Machines
    Air Conditioning Units
    and more

    We Service Most Popular Brands

    GE Monogram

    Appliance Repair In Your Area

    We serve the Malibu area, including the following zipcodes: 90263, 90264, 90265

     by Sharon Mcfall on Service Masters Appliance

    My Traulsen freezer went down. Mike from service masters came out and diagnosed the issue and repaired it for us. Thanks

    Sub-Zero Repair

    My Sub-Zero freezer wnet down and i called Service Masters. They came out same day and fixed my freezer. Thank you guys. Kevin was GREAT


    Coming back from a four week trip and finding your washing machine broken is the pits!! Having no recommendations I needed to call someone out of the "yellow pages". I was so pleased that I would get same-day service. Mike, the service representative,arrived on time and was able to diagnose and service my washing machine. He was quick, pleasant and informative. Thanks Mike.

    Thank you for taking your time to review us

    KitchenAid Refrigerator Repair

    My Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator stopped cooling. Service Masters came out and determined that it was the compressor. I authorized the repair and their technician, Kevin, came out to start the work. After bleeding the freon, it was apparent the coils and copper had deteriorated. It was at this point, Kevin explained they could do the repair but most likely within a year or so, the compressor would fail given the condition of the cooper and coils. He had invested quite a bit of time and effort in ordering parts, travel time and diagnostics. He could have easily done the repair and been paid. I greatly appreciate Kevin's honesty and realistic appraisal of investing in a major repair. It's not often you find such a honest repairman and company. I highly recommend Service Masters.

    Thank you for taking your time and your kind words.

     by M. Cummings on Service Masters Appliance
    Samsung Ice Maker Repair

    By far the fastest service I have EVER had! Literally within an hour Tony was at the door to fix our ice maker. He was quick and efficient and gone in 30 min...everything fixed and ready to go. Amazing...good service and knowledgeable tech...great combination!

    Thank you for taking your time and kind words.

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