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Washing machines are easily one of the most important appliances in your home. Unfortunately many people take them for granted until they decide to break down and repairs are needed. This is the time when you will begin looking for a washer repair expert in Beverly Hills to get your appliance up and running again. Depending on the appliance you own the complaint will be different but in the final analysis you will still need to contact the pros. It is important to remember that for every minute you go without a fully functional washer the laundry will be piling up in your home.

Warning signs
In a perfect world you would have a few warning signs that your washer was getting ready to stop working. Unfortunately there are instances when you will turn on your appliance and nothing will happen. The worst part about it is that you will have a load of clothes in the appliance and more often than not someone in your household will be waiting on one of those garments. The good news is that if you need a washer repair expert in Beverly Hills we are there for you. We are a phone call away and our qualified technicians are ready to get your appliance operational again.

Shared experience
Washing machines are not the cheapest appliances in your home by any means. Many families share these machines with each other so when the appliance stops draining water the consequences could spill over into other areas. Some washer problems are simple enough for our technicians to fix, while others might require a little more time. Regardless of the cause we have the solution when you need a washer repair expert in Beverly Hills The only way to solve the problem is to take a closer look at it.

Make the call
Laundry day is probably not your favorite time but it must be done and that means your appliance will need to be fully functional. It also means that when you don’t see any sign of water entering the washer you may have to change your plans. Our technicians have the ability to provide you with same day service so it is feasible to assume that you could finish that load of clothes. If your washer has suddenly stopped working and you need help with it give us a call at Service Masters Appliance at 888-657-1763 or 310-477-0670 and let us save the day for you. We service many zip codes including 90209, 90210, 90211, 90212 and 90213.

We repair all makes and models including:

 by Sharon Mcfall on Service Masters Appliance

My Traulsen freezer went down. Mike from service masters came out and diagnosed the issue and repaired it for us. Thanks

Sub-Zero Repair

My Sub-Zero freezer wnet down and i called Service Masters. They came out same day and fixed my freezer. Thank you guys. Kevin was GREAT


Coming back from a four week trip and finding your washing machine broken is the pits!! Having no recommendations I needed to call someone out of the "yellow pages". I was so pleased that I would get same-day service. Mike, the service representative,arrived on time and was able to diagnose and service my washing machine. He was quick, pleasant and informative. Thanks Mike.

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KitchenAid Refrigerator Repair

My Kitchenaid side by side refrigerator stopped cooling. Service Masters came out and determined that it was the compressor. I authorized the repair and their technician, Kevin, came out to start the work. After bleeding the freon, it was apparent the coils and copper had deteriorated. It was at this point, Kevin explained they could do the repair but most likely within a year or so, the compressor would fail given the condition of the cooper and coils. He had invested quite a bit of time and effort in ordering parts, travel time and diagnostics. He could have easily done the repair and been paid. I greatly appreciate Kevin's honesty and realistic appraisal of investing in a major repair. It's not often you find such a honest repairman and company. I highly recommend Service Masters.

Thank you for taking your time and your kind words.

 by M. Cummings on Service Masters Appliance
Samsung Ice Maker Repair

By far the fastest service I have EVER had! Literally within an hour Tony was at the door to fix our ice maker. He was quick and efficient and gone in 30 min...everything fixed and ready to go. Amazing...good service and knowledgeable tech...great combination!

Thank you for taking your time and kind words.

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